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Find Real Florists

Below are some links the Florist Detectives provide to assist you with finding a real local florist in the US and Canada. Don't see your favorite directory resource? Please send it to us with a brief description as to why you think it's a good place to find real local flower shops. We do not list individual florists and recommend shops contact the sites listed below to see if they are available for inclusion.

State and Local Allied Florists' Associations

Arizona Florists - Members of the Ariziona State Florists' Association
California Florists - Members of the California State Floral Association
Colorado Florists - Colorado Retail Florists Association member database
Connecticut Florists - Real Florists of the Connecticut Florists Association
Kentucky Florists - Members of the of the Kentucky Florists Association
Illinois Florists - Directory of Illinois State Florists Association members
Louisiana Florists - Members of the Louisiana State Florists' Association
Maine Florists - List of members in the Maine State Association
Michigan Florists - Members of the Michigan Floral Association
New Hampshire Florists - List of New Hampshire Florists' Association members
North Carolina Florists - Search for members of the North Carolina State Florists Association
Tennessee Florists - Lists members of the Tennessee State Florists' Association
Texas Florists - Texas State Floral Association members

Atlanta, GA Florists - Professional Association of Atlanta Florists
Chesapeake Floral Association - Professional Florists from Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington DC & Ohio
Detroit and Southeast Michigan Florists - Directory and links to professional local Southeastern MI florist members of the Michigan Floral Association.
Heartland Independent Florists Association - Professional floral association representing florists from Missouri and Kansas. 
Hometown Florists - Member directory and consumer information provided by the Chesapeake Floral Association
Houston, TX Florists - Allied Florists of Houston
Kitsap County, WA Florists - Allied Florists of Kitsap County
Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN Florists - Twin Cities Florist Association
San Francisco Bay Area Florists - Members of the Master Florists Association
Seattle Area Florists - Members of the Puget Sound Professional Florists Association

National/International Professional Floral Organizations

Society of American Florists Local Florists in the US and Canada
Lists members of North America's largest independent floral association.

Flowers Canada Florists in Canada
Lists and links to members of Canada's premier floral association.

American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD) Accredited Floral Designers 
Find locations and contact information for accredited members.

Canadian Academy of Floral Art (CAFA) Accredited Floral Designers

FTD Florists Find local FTD member florists by location
Lists all members but links only to websites hosted by FTD.


Real Florist Blog A weblog covering news and events in the floral industry with links to real florists in the US and Canada. - A collection of blogs written by US florists.


Flower Categories from the Open Directory Project

Shopping Volunteer editors list sites by category based on unique content of floral products offered for sale.

US Florists and Flower Shops
Canadian Florists and Flower Shops

Floral Artists and Studios Also includes non-North American floral designers.

Custom Floral Designers and Studios

Local Major Cities - A sample of some US and Canadian Cities. Local real florists can be found by starting in the US or Canada Regional categories and drilling down to the localities, looking for 'Business and Economy', 'Shopping' and/or 'Flowers and Gifts' categories at that level.

New York City Florists
Albany NY Florists
Philadelphia PA Florists
Pittsburgh PA Florists
Washington DC Florists
Atlanta Florists
Chicago Florists
Los Angeles Florists
San Diego Florists
San Francisco Florists
Cincinnati OH Florists
Indianapolis Florists
Orlando FL Florists
Sarasota FL Florists
Jacksonville FL Florists
Memphis Florists
Nashville Florists
Denver Florists
Colorado Springs Florists
Miami Florists
Austin TX Florist
Dallas TX Florists
Oklahoma City Florists
Phoenix Florists
Tucson Florists
Seattle Florists
Portland OR Florists
Montreal Florists
Toronto Florists
Calgary Florists
Vancouver, BC Florists
Victoria, BC Florists

Commercial Directories Local US Real Florists
Free listings for real flower shops.
Direct links to sites of paid advertisers only.

Floratopia!  Local US and Canadian Florists  *New
Free listings for independently owned and operated flower shops.

Internet Preferred Florists (IP Florist)  Local US Real Florists *New
Free listings for real flower shops. Real Local US Florists
Free listings for real flower shops.
Direct links to sites of paid advertisers only. lists Florists in US and Canada
Free listings for real flower shops.
Direct links to sites of paid advertisers only.

Paid Listings Only Directories Local Florists
Lists and links to paid advertisers only. Contains some very good consumer information. C ities without paid listings show link to Houston, TX based flower shop. Florists in US and Canada
Lists and links to paid advertisers only. Local US Florists
Features paid advertisers only.
Cities without paid listings show link to Sarasota, FL based flower shop.

A1 Florists Florists in Canada
Lists and links to paid advertisers only. Local US Florists
Lists and links to paid advertisers only. Contains some very good consumer information.

What is a Real Florist?

A real professional florist actually stocks fresh flowers, foliages, plants and related items and offers them for pick up and/or local delivery. Order gatherers, 'virtual florists' and 'internet florists' sell pictures of flowers and then broker those sales to real florists for fulfillment, hoping the local shops have those items in inventory.

Most real florists also offer the ability for consumers to send orders to distant cities by utilizing one of the national or international floral relay networks. When you order from a real florist, you should be told whether their company will personally deliver your flowers or if your order will be transferred to another shop; one closer to the recipient.