Florist Detectives. Consumer Information about alleged deceptive and misleading florist advertising and marketing practices.

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About Us

Who are we?

Well, as you might expect, we're folks that know about flowers.Actually, a lot about flowers. Yep, we're florists - with decades of experience.

Beautiful Flowers from Real Florists

The Florist Detectives built this site because we were tired of hearing consumers complain that they were misinformed, mislead or just plain old deceived by some of the more aggressive 'floral order gatherers.'

Yes, we are the folks, your local florists, who get to deal with the myriad complaints generated as a result of the over-promising, misleading and 'less-than-forthcoming' claims provided by these not-really-your-local-florist types.

The seeming unwillingness of national flower-by-wire wire services to stop what we believe to be deceptive advertising and fraudulent claims by their some of their 'order gathering members' has inspired us to highlight the pitfalls of believing in once-trusted national logos.

Why would the national companies allow this to happen? We can't say for certain, but we do know that the wire services earn a commission of 7% or more on nearly every order that moves through their networks. Couple that with the 20% commissions earned by these affiliates, and you'll see that the real florists doing all the product care, arranging and delivery are left with less than 73% of the arrangement portion of your order. Ordering from a florist direct leaves them out of the loop.

The Florist Detectives strive to make the details available on this site as accurate as possible. Information has been checked and re-checked. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you find any factual errors or omissions. We offer this consumer information to the flower-buying public to assist them with understanding the pitfalls of the current floral wire relay system and to help them learn how to find quality local florists.

Please bookmark this site as we intend to provide frequent updates.Also, please feel free to link to us from your flower shop and/or consumer information site.

We'd love to take this site down and just go back to making beautiful arrangements, but as long as consumers are getting duped, and local florists are getting over-promised, fraudulently marketed orders - we'll be here.

Call us, your local florists, and we'll tell you all about the beautiful, fresh flowers we have in inventory that can be delivered today.